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The Little Seahorse by Sheri Fink

The bashful Little Seahorse discovers a mysterious object during his adventures and has to learn to speak up for himself and ask for help in order to bring his mother this amazing gift. In the process, he increases his self-confidence and makes wonderful new friends.

The Little Seahorse won a Bronze Medal for Best K-3rd Fable in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards.

Themes include: Shyness, Giving, Friendship, Tolerance, Generosity


Bronze Medal, The Little Seahorse, 2015 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Best Children’s Fable

B.R.A.G. Medallion, The Little Seahorse was recognized as one of the best indie children’s books of 2014

Gold Mom’s Choice Award, The Little Series of children’s books by Sheri Fink won top honor as one of the best family friendly book series, 2013

The Little Seahorse by Sheri Fink

The Little Seahorse is an inspiring book that helps children see the difference they make in people’s lives, as well, as teaching children to have courage to ask for other’s support. All of Sheri Fink’s books are absolutely gorgeous and inspire both children and adults. After reading her books to my children, my 9-year-old daughter was moved to write her own story about a fish that was being bullied at school, and she was able to express how judgment can impact one’s way of being negatively. I highly recommend all of Sheri’s books to anyone who has a child in their life. You, too, will be moved, touched, and inspired. –Wise Heart Jackie

What a delightful book. The Little Seahorse is unsure of himself and afraid to ask for help. He’s filled with self-doubt, but he really wants to do something nice for his mother. This book shows children that sometimes you have to take a chance, and that if you’re confident, things will work out better than if you don’t try. I love this story. The illustrations are so cute and the theme empowers everyone who reads it. Sometimes you just have to stick your neck out and try. You’ll be surprised by the results. –Clare Chu

This book is so beautiful and so much fun to read again and again. For anyone of any age that can use a dose of courage, this book will inspire you. For children, there are some great lessons about asking for help and making friends. You will also learn about these wonderful little sea creatures. The illustrations and colors will make you smile too. I just love this book! Can’t wait for the next one from Sheri Fink. –Cheryl B. Ellis

The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink children’s brand is an excellent resource for award-winning and quality children’s books that encourage actions of tolerance, acceptance, and, perhaps the hardest lesson to be learned of all, staying true to the core of one’s self. –Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul & NYT Best-selling author of The Success Principles

A lovely story of a sweet seahorse who learns to both stand up for himself, and to ask for help. All of Sheri Fink’s books offer enchanting tales that inspire children to learn and grow. This one takes place underwater, which makes the illustrations particularly charming. The colors are gorgeous! And, as always, Sheri Fink weaves a wonderful tale that both adults and kids can’t help but love. There is more than one pearl of wisdom in this beautiful book! –Jane R

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