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Cake in Bed by Sheri Fink

Cake In Bed is a sexy, inspiring novel about a woman who discovers herself through misadventures and finds love in an unexpected place. Released February 1, Cake in Bed became an International Best-seller when it reached the Top 20 Best-selling Romantic Comedies on

Thirty-something divorcee Julie has everything going for her. An exciting career. Friends who adore her. Everything but the thing she desires most: everlasting, romantic love. After eating cake in bed–alone–on what would have been her one-year wedding anniversary, Julie embarks on a delightfully humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, and often unpredictable journey on her quest to find true love in the modern world.

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A few years ago my world changed when I found myself happily divorced and dating for the first time in my adult life. (Maybe you can relate?) The emotions I was feeling and the experiences I was having inspired me to write something completely new … a contemporary romance novel called Cake in Bed.

Cake in Bed is a fun and flirty book that empowers women to be their authentic selves and not settle for less than they deserve in life or love, because we all deserve to have our cake and eat it too … preferably in bed!


Honorable Mention, Cake in Bed, Best Romance – General in the 2016 Readers Favorite International Book Awards

Cake in Bed by Sheri Fink

“I don’t think I have had such strong emotions for any characters other than the Harry Potter series. All in all, this is a romance book I would love to introduce to my book club, because we love a nice romance that makes you smile and makes you “feel good” so effortlessly.” ~ Rabia Tanveer for Readers Favorite

“A little bit naughty, a little bit nice… and a whole lot of fun.” ~ LBNMaine

“I want more Cake In Bed!!! This fun and flirty romance novel inspires women to have their cake and eat it too in life and love! Author Sheri Fink has created an empowered heroine in Julie that keeps the reader enthusiastically engaged as she discovers her happily ever after.” ~ Stephanie Dreyer

“I don’t normally read romance novels, but really enjoyed this book. I couldn’t put it down. It made me happy!” ~ Stacey Kirkpatrick

“Cake in Bed is a fun tongue in cheek look in dating after divorce. Fink’s writing style makes it easy to sympathize with the heroine Julie. Fink captures the raw vulnerability of women everywhere who jump back into the dating scene with the wrong men while searching for Mr. Right. Uplifting and charming this book make believing in the happier ever after possible. Loved it!” ~ Amazon Customer

“Julie is a successful author but she isn’t successful in the romance department. She falls for men that are self-centered. Julie allows men to choose her rather than she choose the man. Her best friend is Nick. From the beginning it is obvious to the reader than they love each other. I was quickly drawn into Cake In Bed. It is a delightful read, fun, entertaining, sassy, flirty and heartwarming. I was cheering for Nick and Julie from the beginning but it took them both quite some time to discover how much they cared for each other. Sheri Fink is a talented author. She breathed life into her characters. I felt as if I knew Julie and Nick. Sheri Fink demonstrates the dangers of the dating world. Julie was searching for Mr. Right and he was right there in front of her all along. I really enjoyed Cake In Bed and look forward to reading the rest of the series.” ~ Annie

“This was a fun and flirtatious read. Sheri Fink has created a fresh heroine. Cake in Bed is a sweet treat.” ~ Amazon Customer

“I’ll have what she’s having … Sheri gets to have her cake and eat it, too! What a wonderfully told story of love and loss.” ~ Garrett Miller

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