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InstaGrateful: Finding Your Bliss in a Social Media World by Sheri Fink

Are you ready to add more passion, peace, power, prosperity, and panache to your life? Are you a million times more magnificent than your social media feed? Yes, you are, because:

You are a lotus.

The lotus flower represents strength, perseverance, inner beauty, and possibility through adverse conditions. Even when its roots are submerged in the dirtiest waters, the lotus produces a beautiful flower. It’s your time to bloom into your biggest, fullest, most expressive self.

InstaGrateful is a refreshing perspective on how you can turn within to connect with authenticity, stay focused on what really matters, strengthen your inner self to know what you want, stand in your power to get it, and be a beacon of light and love that inspires others to transform their lives in today’s hyper-busy, highly distracted social media world.

The discoveries you make while reading this book will enable you to find your bliss and design an irresistible life filled with:

  • Passion: Amplify the magic, fun, and aliveness in everything you do
  • Peace: Cultivate serenity in your inner world and external environments
  • Power: Develop the courage to overcome fear and get what you want
  • Prosperity: Attract abundance balanced with generosity
  • Panache: Grow your self-confidence to embrace your personal style

Inspirational thought leader Sheri Fink grew up as a small-town girl with big dreams and overcame countless obstacles to become a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur. Her story will elevate and empower you to create the reality that you most deeply desire, because if she can do it, anyone can.

Sheri’s heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking) stories and loving guidance will help you create a life you love that’s aligned with your values. You will soon be on your way to blossoming into the magnificent person you’re meant to become.

Your bliss awaits!


Bronze Medal, InstaGrateful: Finding Your Bliss in a Social Media World, 2021 Florida Authors and Publishers Association Book Awards Best How-To/Self-Help Book

Silver Medal, InstaGrateful: Finding Your Bliss in a Social Media World, 2020 Kops-Fetherling International Book Awards Best Self-Help Book

InstaGrateful: Finding Your Bliss in a Social Media World by Sheri Fink

“No other motivational book explores the profound effects of social media on our self-image and self-worth. With InstaGrateful, Sheri Fink delivers powerful strategies and tools for taking control of our dreams and destiny, and living more authentic and fulfilling lives, both online and offline.” ~ Eve Torres Gracie, co-creator of the Women Empowered self-defense program

“As a parent of a 10-year-old girl navigating the waters of social media for good, best-selling author Sheri Fink’s latest book InstaGrateful is not only an empowering resource for women and young girls on how to live authentically and safely share their light in the online world, but an inspiring guide for the next generation of ladies longing to be role models as well.” ~ Brooke Josephson, singer-songwriter, wife, and mom

“Every once in a while, you read a book that transforms the way you think about your life, igniting within you the motivation to create the reality that you most deeply desire. This is that book.” ~ Kate Linder, The Young and the Restless

“Sheri Fink reminds us of REAL happiness in real life in her book INSTAGRATEFUL. Having watched Sheri Fink over the years it’s great to have a book that shares how she has been able to get and maintain her joy behind the brand she is building. The book showcases how she has been able to stay true to herself while doing what she loves—and how you can as well.” ~ Cyrus Webb, Media Influencer and Editor, Conversations Magazine

“With InstaGrateful, Sheri Fink has created a heartfelt, dynamic, and practical rendering of how to live a fulfilled, meaningful, and intentional life. She shares her experiences and wisdom in a spirit of service and thus provides a true navigation towards excellence and inner peace.” ~ Ranj Bawa, life coach and speaker

“A wonderfully written book by Sheri Fink! Her passion for helping others on this path of life shines through. Sheri takes you by the hand and leads you through valuable lessons for life. Sharing her own stories of success and failure means you connect with the lesson and can translate the meaning easily into your own world. Imagine a big sister sharing her wisdom when you need it most.” ~ Amanda Brown, speaker, coach, and author of The LIPSTICK Principles: Let go of worry and fear, live in the moment, love life

“Sheri Fink is a true role model. There’s nothing more powerful than honing your voice and story to create positive change. Packed with inspirational takeaways from her personal experiences, InstaGrateful will take you on a journey towards connecting with the authentic you in our social-media-driven world.” ~ Suhani Parikh, author and founder of Modern Marigold Books

“Sheri inspires you to take an ‘Insta-inside’ look of who you truly are and turn it into an ‘Insta-outside’ picture of your authentic self to present to the world.” ~ Renée Lawless, Wicked on Broadway and Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots

“InstaGrateful is part personal change manifesto, part memoir, and all heart. Sheri Fink has a fresh and unique voice in the motivational community, one that’s full of uplifting humor, pure joy, and powerful insights for our modern times. There’s wisdom and inspiration on every page of this soon-to-be motivational classic.” ~ Cheryl Bonini Ellis, author, speaker, and high-performance leadership coach

“Through InstaGrateful, Sheri Fink empowers all of us to blossom into our most passionate, peaceful, powerful, prosperous, and panache-filled selves. This is a must read!” ~ Amy Leigh Mercree, international speaker and best-selling author of Joyful Living, The Mood Book, and 100 Days to Calm

“Sheri Fink’s InstaGrateful leaves you with a smile while you read it. Sheri gives us a fresh and unique voice in the inspirational community, one that’s full of uplifting humor, authenticity, and genuine heart. Her strategies aren’t just informative—they’re effective and empowering. If you’re committed to creating the life of your dreams, Sheri’s voice will support you to be fearless for what you want.” ~ Jill Douka, MBA, MCC, life coach, award-winning business mentor, and best-selling author of Create Love

“Sheri has done it again! InstaGrateful is a powerfully positive book featuring transformational strategies that will up-level countless women’s lives.” ~ Lanette Pottle, life and business strategist, and founder of Positivity Lady Enterprises

“Empowering. Inspiring. Evolutionary. InstaGrateful is an essential read for women who are seeking bliss and meaning in our social media world. Chapter after chapter of uplifting stories and gentle nudging for us to embrace joy and purpose. A definite must read.” ~ Cheryl Liew, author of The 24-Hour Woman: How High Achieving, Stressed Women Manage It All and Still Find Happiness, proud mom of three boys, and CEO of LifeWorkz

“InstaGrateful contains powerful, inspiring, and authentic real-life strategies that up-level women’s lives.” ~ Lakshmi Kumar, beacon of light and love, wife, and mother

“For years, Sheri Fink has been inspiring children to dream big and live authentically. Now, the adults who have enjoyed planting Sheri’s seeds of wisdom and kindness in their children’s hearts and minds through her amazing children’s books have more powerful inspiration of their own—InstaGrateful is a must-read for any woman who yearns to find solace in their perfectly imperfect world despite the perfectly painted pictures of life across social media platforms. An in-depth look at how Sheri found courage to truly shine her inner light—and how you can shine unwaveringly, too.” ~ Danielle Soucy Mills, award-winning author, gymnastics coach, and mom

“Sheri Fink shares her own personal and inspirational story to teach the five Ps that every woman should live by in today’s busy world.” ~ Kathryn Starke, founder of Creative Minds Publications

“InstaGrateful contains priceless jewels of insight and sound strategies to make your dreams come true. Sheri’s InstaGrateful will give you an essential roadmap for developing internal strength and balance in order to live the life of your dreams in this social media world.” ~ Juliet “Jhet” van Ruyven, mentor, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author

“Sheri Fink is an extraordinary woman accomplishing extraordinary feats. I’m blown away by her clarity in thought and ability to breakdown complex ideas into simple, yet powerful metaphors. InstaGrateful is a catalyst for changing the way we view ourselves and living a bold, balanced, and blissful life.” ~ Puja Gupta, life coach and author

“InstaGrateful is transformational! The powerful strategies are infused with self-care, self-love, and a never-give-up attitude sure to accelerate women’s success.” ~ Deborah Lucero, best-selling author and founder of Live Your Full Life

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