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The Little Rose by Sheri Fink

The Little Rose is a timeless, heartwarming story about embracing who you really are. Finely detailed, irresistible illustrations bring to life this endearing story of the Little Rose growing amongst a bed of weeds.

Teased by the ugly weeds around her, the Little Rose nearly gives up but then learns to accept and love herself for what she really is, a beautiful rose.

The Little Rose inspires children to embrace who they are despite their current environments.

The Little Rose won a Gold Medal for Best K-3rd Fable in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards and was awarded the Gold Mom’s Choice Award.

Themes include: Overcoming Bullying, Self-Esteem, Tolerance, Embracing and Accepting Yourself, Authenticity


Gold Medal, The Little Rose, Best K-3rd Children’s Fable in the 2012 Readers Favorite International Book Awards

Gold Mom’s Choice Award, The Little Series of children’s books by Sheri Fink won top honor as one of the best family friendly book series, 2013

KART Kids Award, The Little Rose, 2013

The Little Rose by Sheri Fink

“A timeless lesson that is beautifully illustrated both verbally and visually.” –Readers Favorite

“So many children and parents could benefit from the wonderful message of this book – you are beautiful and wonderful and have promise…even when everyone around you tells you otherwise. Even when you are born into a harsh world. Even when others put you down every time you try to succeed. And there is a rose garden for you somewhere.” –Beautiful Books for Children

“The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink children’s brand is an excellent resource for award-winning and quality children’s books that encourage actions of tolerance, acceptance, and, perhaps the hardest lesson to be learned of all, staying true to the core of one’s self.” –Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul & NYT Best-selling author of The Success Principles

A wonderful story for children about how special and perfect each and every person is just the way they are! A great book for children who are being bullied or have any doubts about their own self worth! –Patty Hankins

My daughter and niece both 5, and my 8 year old love this book. My son said @ the end of the story: So Powerful!! They enjoyed the story and the pictures, and they followed the book and the positive and empowering messages easily and clearly. They girls said: it’s the best book ever and we love the author! We can’t wait for the next book. Thank you Sheri Fink for sharing this wonderful book. –Yeliv Adams

This is such a wonderful book for young children because it addresses so many feelings that kids struggle with, especially after they start school. It is beautifully illustrated and the text discusses things like bullying, feeling out of place and different from others. Children and parents alike will enjoy reading this one again and again. –DX2

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